Aerial Count Design

Hi SMART community. I would like to design an annual aerial count model and before I begin I would appreciate advice from SMART users that have created something similar. Would you recommend a straight configurable model, or use of the survey plugin? Do you have any tips to make the model as practical as possible in the field e.g. how to avoid repeatedly inputting the same metadata/ how to avoid any other obstacles we may encounter.

Thank you, I appreciate the advice.


Michelle, we have used the survey plugin for terrestrial surveys conducted every 5 years or so. Our systematic designs with a random start are generated using other software and stored as a shapefile. The survey plugin allows us to set up the design within SMART, including definition of the sampling unit locations by importing the shapefile. We then set up a configurable model and set up surveys and missions associated with these. So, if you want to set up a spatially explicit design within SMART, then it makes sense to use the survey plugin (a configurable model for your survey could be put together with or without the survey plugin).
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