App froze regularly on one device


I have a user of the SMART mobile app that regularly has issues with the app freezing. He has an iPhone8.

He tried to modify an incident and the app froze. He tried to delete the project to redownload it but it froze as well.

I have the same project on my phone and I did some test but don’t have issues. Is there anything that can be done on his phone to stop de freezing?

Thank you.


Hello Marine,

If the Iphone device in question is freezing it may need an update to the latest OSX version (16). If the device storage is full or nearly full that might slow it down too. Delete or offload unused apps and remove photos and large files/email attachments that might be taking up space on the device.

Also make sure to use the most recent version of the SMART mobile application from the App store. ‎SMART Mobile for Conservation on the App Store

Tony Lynam

Also an option to send me a bug report: Troubleshooting | CyberTracker Wiki.

Please put the report on an online share and send me a link privately (


Hi Tony and Justin,

The device storage was really full indeed and after some clean up and an update, the app is working perfectly again.

Justin, if it happens again I will send you a bug report.

Thank you both,


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