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Does anyone have any experience with smart mobiles with strong GPS access, as we do face problems with GPS , we get straight lines (tracks) and not accurate data regarding the GPS.

If any one has any information about that and if anyone could offer the smart mobile with strong GPS access. GPS antenna effectiveness is a priority. We are using Blackview BVB 5900

Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks in advance.

If you search this forum, there are at least a few threads with device recommendations. There are also several threads on the old SMART forum too(e.g., this one). The problem being though that these get out of date quickly for hardware.

We wrote something that gives a general overview of hardware considerations here: Cronin et al_2021-Application of SMART Software for Conservation Area Management_SM.pdf - Google Drive

In terms of straight lines/tracks - I’d recommend reading through the Android settings in the SMART Mobile manual in detail and making sure everything is configured correctly/ in a way to facilitates best possible GPS connections.

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Seconding what Drew has said. Most of the problems with “straight lines” are related to power saving settings in Android, rather than GPS strength. Newer builds of Android are pretty aggressive about shutting down app processes that seem to be using a lot of power (like a GPS track log). The other thing that can cause problems is running other apps at the same time as SMART Mobile. I have seen that interfere with the track log.

Two things that might help are checking the power saving settings (described in the mobile manual) and using kiosk mode (also described in the manual).