CA que utilizan el SMART para registros de Recurso culturales

Hola, quería consultar sobre CA en el mundo que utilizan el SMART para registrar Recursos Culturales (pinturas rupestres, puntas de flechas, sitios sagrados, etc). En Argentina queremos comenzar a trabajar con SMART en esos registros pero necesitaría esa información.




Hi Federico,

Let’s see if anyone from the community has any experience here.

I’m not aware of sites using SMART for this particular purpose but building these aspects into a data model shouldn’t be too difficult.

On that, I’m sure many of us would love to hear updates on how you plan to collect information on this using SMART.



Hola Alex, la consulta la realiza debido a que, cuando me reuní con equipo de recursos culturales de la Administración de Parques Nacionales (APN) de Argentina, organismo para quien trabajo. Y les conté sobre SMART y la posibilidad de estandarizar los datos obtenidos en terreno de Recursos Culturales. Me hicieron dos preguntas. 1. ¿Si la información se alamacenaba de segura con Connect?
2. ¿Si habia otra AC en el mundo que recolectará los datos de los RRCC con el SMART? La pregunta refiere a que en caso de existe AC que lo haga. ¿Como protege esos datos sensibles?
Aprovecho para consultarte ¿en que pais y en queAC trabajas tú?

Hi Federico,

Regarding your queries:

  1. Yes, SMART Connect is secure. You also have the choice of hosting your own local server. Otherwise, for the Partnership hosted server, we rely on Microsoft Azure. Data is not accessible by anyone but the Connect and database admins (i.e. you and whomever you provide access to), so no one can see your data.

  2. I’m not aware of other sites using SMART for this specific function but there’s no reason why it cannot be used for this. SMART is used for monitoring a wide array of things, from wildlife, to landscape features, to infrastructure, to forestry services etc. and the flexibility of the data model means you can use the tool to collect information on anything of interest.

Data in SMART exists with single databases (“conservation areas”) which are password protected. If using SMART Connect (online SMART) this also requires credentials to access, but even with access to the server, you still need access to the individual databases.

There are over 1,200 SMART sites in over 80 countries. Many of these sites are supported by Partnership organisations.

You can see a map of sites here, including existing sites in Argentina:

For now we will need to rely on others in the community to answer the question on if they are using SMART for such a purpose.

Kind regards,


Hi Alex, thank you very much for information. Regarding information security, I shared the document "SMART Connect Infrastrcture Security Requirements" with those in charge of RRCC.
Regarding, to know if there are other sites that use SMART to register Cultural Resources, I will continue to wait for any news.
Greetings. Thank you so much!