Call Out for Case Studies for the SMART Management Manual

Dear SMART Colleagues,

The SMART Partnership is looking for potential sites to create a series of case studies showcasing the use of SMART for adaptive management. These case studies will be featured in the upcoming SMART management manual “Improving Management of Protected and Conserved Areas with the SMART Approach”, as well as other potential training courses and materials.

They will ideally feature working examples where SMART has been well integrated into management, and have robust data and metrics to demonstrate that desired outcomes have been achieved, focussed on some key use cases:

  • Using SMART for personnel and resource management   
  • Using SMART to achieve consistent patrol presence and coverage  
  • Using SMART to improve targeting of patrols  
  • Using ecological data from SMART for understanding distribution and abundance of conservation target species  
  • Using SMART for strategic adaptive management   
  • Effective adoption of SMART at a national level where SMART has been used to evaluate and improve a conservation strategy  
  • Effective use of the SMART Profiles for planning conservation interventions (e.g. HWC, wildlife trade investigations)   

Whilst some names and sensitive data could be altered, the site must be willing to share enough information and data to demonstrate that SMART data is being incorporated into decision making, which has resulted in desired measurable outcomes being achieved.

We would be very grateful for suggestions you may have that you feel would highlight one of the above use cases well. Please send responses to

Many thanks,


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