Configurable model : Displayed custom


Is it possible to implement something like IF ELSE function on Configurable model “Displayed: Custom”.

I mean something like
List AREA: A; B; C

IF AREA=A, then 1; 2; 3
IF ELSE AREA=B, then 4;5;6
ELSE 7;8;9;10

Lili Sadikin

Hi Lili,

The only option available is making the visibility of attributes “custom” based on the response to previous attributes. There’s not currently a way to automatically generate the response to subsequent attributes, just their visibility.

You can make the customisation more detailed using the advanced option.

Below I am making the “people armed” attribute only visible if the “action taken” was “Arrested” or “Warning”.

You can maybe implement this by creating multiple attributes with default values that appear based on previous attribute selections but this might be a little convoluted.