Connect user settings - delete button shows for "View only" permissions

I’m a bit confused by some Connect user settings. There are permissions to allow users to: View Conservation Area, Update CA, Add CA and Delete CA. If I select View CA for a user, they still have a delete button showing next to the CA. Does this just mean they can delete the CA from their account rather than from the server? Or will the button not work if they press it? I haven’t dared to try!

Similar with View Data Queue Items - this also provides a delete button even though there is a specific permission available for Delete Data Queue Items. I tried pressing that button and it asked “am I sure” and I said No :joy: So I don’t know if it would work.

Many thanks

If you don’t have permission to delete a ca you will get a message telling you so when you try:
“Error deleting conservation area testing Conservation Area [SMART]. Unauthorized.: Unauthorized”
You’re right it’s maybe confusing to put buttons in the GUI for people without permissions, but it’s not something we’ve been able to spend time on, checking permissions and customizing the UI for folks, we only check permissions once you try to actually do it.

Same with the data Q, if you don’t have permission you can try but it won’t work.