Desktop SMART adding users

How do you add users in SMART desktop? We have five people who need to have access to the same Conservation area.

We are using SMART 7.5.4.

Hello Owen,
The steps to add user accounts in SMART Desktop are shown starting on page 13 of the SMART Technical Training Manual, linked here:

Hi Matt
Thanks I have done that.
Is the next step to export the CA and send it to the other users?

Hi Owen,
That really depends on how you plan to manage and administer SMART. Some sites will have a dedicated laptop for administering SMART that may be shared by multiple users. Other users could instead have SMART installed separately on their own desktops, in which case they would need to follow the same process for installing SMART that you did, and you would then export the CA from your CA and import it on theirs to share it. Note that with this distributed model, you will need to have clear data management processes outlined to avoid data conflicts and share data between multiple desktops.

If instead you’re using SMART Connect, they would download the CA from SMART Connect onto their desktops and use syncing via Connect to share the data.

Hi Matt

Thank you.

That all makes a lot of sense - we will have to manage it carefully but we will need to run multiple desktop instances because of how we operate.


Owen Dixon-Paver