Disabling one of the two patrols conducted in the same grid in a single month

I am Shedrick E. Smith from Liberia, my team recently had an issue with our patrol data, a patrol was conducted on the first day, however, it was exported accidentally, the team taught it was deleted and had to do another patrol in the same grid. upon downloading the entire patrol, we saw two days’ patrols in the same grid. How do we remove one of the patrols from the data?

From the patrol view, you should be find the duplicate patrols (use the date filter option to ensure you are viewing the days you are interested in) and select one, then right-click and select delete to delete the entire patrol and observations etc.

There is no way to only disable a patrol, only fully delete them. So if you may want to keep some of the data or review it later, I suggest you export the patrol first, so you have a backup; then delete it from your CA.