Docker image for SMART

I am trying to install SMART with DOCKER and would like to know if you currently have an image in DOCKER that has everything needed to install SMART.


Hello Salomon,
Are you referring to installing a local instance of SMART Connect? What version of SMART are you using and what OS is your server using?

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I want to install smart 7 on my local for testing and then on a server. i want to use docker and use an official docker image if it exists. i understand that with docker it doesn’t matter what operating system it runs on.

Hi Salomon,
I’ currently busy with creating and testing a docker version of SMART Connect. I need a few more days to provide the Docker files. It will consist of three different docker container. One for PostgreSQL with PostGIS, one for Apache Tomcat hosting SMART Connect and one with an Apache Webserver as the frontend.


Hi @Oliver and community,

I would be very interested in this too as I would like to run my own server. I would be very greatful for having access to these files.

Best regards,


Hi @Oliver, What fantastic news, this is great to hear.
I’ll keep an eye out for it. Thank you very much!