Entities/ Profiles app

A year or two ago I was shown a beta version of an app called entities that was developed to work with the profiles section of SMART specifically to enable sharing of entities with field teams. Can any tell me if there has been any further development as regards this app and if so, where can I access/ download a version of it
Many thanks

Hello Debby,
I am following up with some of the SMART Profiles experts to see if I can get that information for you.



I am assuming you mean the mobile app?

There is a custom mobile app that was created by a SMART partner - it might be better to think of this as a prototype.

Can you share what you would like to do with a mobile app for profiles?

Hi Jonathon - that is correct yet - the mobile app. I want to have a look at it and see if it will be a suitable option for sharing of entity profiles with field team members such as trusted SAPS officers we work with (SA Police Services). We currently use Whatsapp and just share pdf’s, but I want to look for something more efficient and potentially safer to use. I am obviously just looking for more information in order to see what is can do and if it is going to be of benefit or not ?

Much appreciated - thanks Matt

Hello Matt, kindly asking if you can assist me with the SMART Profiles manual.

Hello there,

The SMART Profiles manual and associated training files is available here - SMART 7_Profile Manual - Google Drive



Thank you very much!

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