Error basemap boundaries

For the second conservation area I am setting up, I get an error when trying to export the package to SMART mobile.
I chose my basemap but I get an error message saying that the boundaries are out limit ("Latitude 268°16.2.S is outside the allowed boundaries (90°)).

The CSR of my project is in a UTM format (WGS 84 / UTM zone 35S) as are my layers that I uploaded form QGIS.
However, when I move the mouse on my basemap, the format shows 3121291.817 and -2761980.3217
I have never seen UTM format with a negative number so I think this is where the problem is but I don’t know how to fix it.

On my other conservation area, I never had this issue although the CSR is the same.

Thank you for the help.

Hi again,

I created a third (different) conservation area, I could add the map without any problem for that one but once I uploaded it on SMART mobile, it makes the app crash.

Please help!
Error log.txt (7.5 KB)

Hi Marine,

Can you isolate a specific layer of the basemap that is causing the issue here? Usually when such issues arise we find that there is some problem with one (or more) of the basemap layers, which is usually resolved by re-creating the layer and re-importing.

Could you also please confirm the exact desktop and Mobile versions you are running?



Hi Alex, thank you for your reply.

I tried with each layer separately and I have the same error all the time (latitude is outside the allowed boundaries).
My boundary is a polygon imported from QGIS without nods crossing and with the same CRS as in SMART desktop.

I am on SMART 7 desktop and mobile.

For my first CA I had no issue whatsoever. When I click on “Zoom to full extent of all layers” I see my map. For the other 2 CA, when I click on the same button my map disappears and the coordinates at the bottom become 0 - 0.

The issue comes from QGIS but I don’t know how to fix it. Although the coordinates and the CSR are all in the same format, the layout map extent is set differently. Looks like the only solution is to re-do all the maps…