Error downloading Mobile from Play Store

We keep getting this error on one phone (Cedar CP3) when trying to download Mobile from Connect. It works fine with all the other phones of different models. Ideas?

Could you please install CPU-Z and tell me whether this is a 32 or 64 bit processor:


Also, are you able to install the kiosk version?

Hi Justin. This is a device being used in the Canadian arctic in a small remote community. I am not sure there is an option to install CPU-Z. Definitely no option to install kiosk mode-they are running everything off Connect.

CPU-Z is a Play Store app, so they should be able to install it if that is what they are doing with SMART Mobile. I was not able to figure out if the device is ARM32 or ARM64 from the technical specifications.

It is 64 bit-qualcomm snapdragon 653 octa core

Got it, but sometimes the manufacturers use ARM32 even although the processor supports 64 bit.

Hi Justin. Confirming after communicating with the manufacturer that it is 64 bit.