Error loading editor - SMART 7.5.4

Hi all,

I just upgraded and now I am receiving this error ( error loading editor) on a lot of my Patrols, I am now unable to edit them, has anyone else experienced this?

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Hi Kelly,

Please attach some more screenshots, or a video of what you are attempting. Please also attach the error log.


Error log - LLNP.txt (937.0 KB)

Please see error log attached, I sent you a video privately. Thanks

@mharris @drew.cronin This is the same error/bug we were mentioning in the training where the dates etc disappear and you can only see the information In the ‘review tab’. I am not sure if we created a ticket for this in the end? If not then I will create a video and ticket for this.

I don’t think there is a ticket for this yet. Thanks for adding it @XStevens!

I think this was caused by an imported patrol file that had some invalid data in it. If you happen to know which patrols were imported into this database recently, we could look at the files and potentially determine how the invalid files were created. If you have the XML files, we could also possibly edit them to make them valid so you can re-import them and have them avoid the above errors.

We’re also going to try and update our database to disallow these invalid things from being imported in the future so we’ll know right away when something is wrong.

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