Error on patrol package

Good morning…

We use smart 7. We have enabled multiple observations on a particular attribute in our configurable model. After exporting it to the phone and we try to record data on that attribute, it has an error. It brings all the attributes in the config model not related to the one you want to fill.
Can somebody help me…

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A fix is on the way. Did you get SMART Mobile from the store or did you install the APK directly?

Good morning

Thank you for getting back to me. We got smart mobile from the App Store.

When can we expect the solution?

Exactly the same issue here. I will eagerly await this solution and feedback from anyone who can assist.

The fix for this issue is in build 453 which can be downloaded from the Play Store. The Apple Store takes longer to process, but it should be there by Monday. You can also get the APK from here: Download | CyberTracker Wiki.

Good morning…

Thank you so much for your help…

@bakwena and @Johny did the solution provided assist in rectifying the problem?

Yes, for me it did…
Thank you.

Hi @djoachim, Yes it Did! thank you so much!