Error uploading mbtiles: "Not a map package"

I am trying to use mbtiles as a basemap in SMART mobile; I used to be able to do it with the same files. Now it gives the “Not a map package” error. MBTILES File I’m trying to upload to SMART mobile

Hi Elio,

I’m not familiar with the file type but I’m not sure if SMART Mobile can ingest these.

Are you using these files to first create a basemap in SMART desktop or are you adding this to the SMART Mobile package as “custom files”?

Do you know what version of SMART Mobile you were using when this worked vs. what version you’re using now?



Hi Alex, sure it does support mbtiles; I don’t remember the version i used before, it was some six months ago.

I uploaded the mbtiles through Smart Desktop > Patrol > Basemap settings, although it was great to upload it as a file from the cell phone.

If you put your MBTiles file inside a zip and install it as a map package, then it will work. Previously we did support direct use of a .mbtiles file, but moved away from it for a few technical reasons.

You can also configure things like the layer transparency by putting a json file alonside your mbtiles file in the zip. More documentation here: Offline maps | CyberTracker Wiki.


Hi, by installing as a map package, do you mean I have to upload it through Smart desktop?

No, in this case “package” just means a zip file. So create a zip file containing your mbtiles file, send it to your device and add it via the Offline map options.