Error when processing data queue/json


I have been contacted by a local SMART administrator who is experiencing difficulties with a specific patrol. Originally, this patrol was intended to have two observations and a longer track. However, during the processing of the data queue, a shorter patrol with only one observation was generated instead. To investigate further, I attempted to download the corresponding JSON file directly from Connect and encountered the same issue when manually tried to import the file into the cloned desktop project. Upon opening the JSON file, I discovered that it does indeed contain two observations and a photo.

Is there any way to restore the data? I attach mentioned file which causes problems. I extracted the coordinates, date, and time of the missing observation but I don’t know how to extract the photo.

1b764dd58af148a0b1e3bdd25525a6b2.json (660.6 KB)

Thank you!

Note, that I have changed the file extension from “.file” to “.json” because the forum refused to upload the original file. Everything inside the file is the same.

Could you please send me a bug report from the device? Here are the instructions:
Troubleshooting | CyberTracker Wiki

Ideally put it on an internet share (like Google Drive) and send me ( a link.


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Thanks@justinsteventon! I still haven’t received those error logs… Sorry for that. When I get logs I will send you asap.

Bu the way, the same problem of unprocessable patrols happens occasionally with different users.