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Is it possible from SMART Connect, to extract all the data ever submitted from all conservation areas at once?

I have different CAs that correspond to reserves and each reserve logs sightings of leopards. For each CAs, I have a different login.

As all the data are saved on SMART Connect, I would like to extract a csv file that as all the CAs with CA_name/data/time/GPS/file_name of all the sightings uploaded on the SMART mobile app. Is that possible?


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Under SMART Connect (where all your CA’s are administered from) there is a Queries Tab. There you will see your Leopard Query and then the corresponding CA that it applies to (this is an existing query that you have created within that specific CA). When you click run for a specific CA it will return the results into the format you have designated (csv) in Connect.

You unfortunately have to run it for each individual CA and then you would have a CSV for each. Does that help? If you are looking for all data, then you would have to create an All Data - Observation query in each CA and then follow the same process.


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Thanks for the reply.

I was hoping to find a way to be able to querry all the data from all the CAs at once but I will do it one CA at a time then.


The one way you could do it is via Cross-Conservation Area Management.

On the SMART Desktop login to CCAA (assuming you are an admin in all these) go to Queries, Create your Query that you would like. Then Sync the CCAA to the SMART Connect server

Once that is complete, run that specific CCAA Query which technically give you the results from those relevant CA’s

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