Gamification with SMART Collect

Is there a way to incorporate gamification into SMART Collect?
I haven’t found anything about it, but I haven’t done an intensive search either.
I can think of several ways to have a Dashboard of the 100 collectors who contribute the most to a PA, or other types of gamification, but I would like to know if there are already projects with some gamification so as not to duplicate efforts.
Thank you in advance.

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Hi Antón,
There have been discussions along these lines, but we do not have a design nor a plan for this in the immediate future. If you have ideas you would like to share about how it could work, please contact me offline (

Hi Justin,
I was thinking of trying to explore the possibilities of making this kind of dashboard with Grafana (an open and composable observability and data visualization platform).
I think it might be possible to use the Smart Connect API with Grafana, but I haven’t explored it in detail yet. Grafana can give a lot of agility to this type of project.
For instance, right now…we are not sure if we need gamification or not, or even what kind. We have several possible implementations, and that’s why a agile solution like Grafana might be useful…to create the dashboards and visualisations for the gamification, and gradually change and improve it.
But you guys have more experience in this kind of applications…

PS: Just to be clear, we are not in a hurry to implement gamification, but we would like to be aware of innovations in order to be able to plan conservation actions with gamification in time.

Hi Anton,
It would be helpful to define how you understand gamification. I thought you were thinking of features in SMART Mobile that would encourage certain user behavior, e.g. a badge for walking a certain distance or entering a lot of data.

HI Anton,

Depending on what you are trying to do in terms of “gamification” you could already do something in SMART Connect. Using the beta Dashboard function you could display online record/data/summaries of wheat different people or groups have collected. It would be somewhat basic, but would do some of what you are asking I think.