General requirements to host SMART Connect

We’ve had a few questions about what server specifications are recommended for hosting Connect.
Firstly, the good news is the majority of our users are making use of our hosted Cloud solution that we provide free - and these users don’t have to worry about server specifications. In the years we’ve been running this service, we’ve always been able to adjust settings and upgrade if needed.
For people hosting on their own servers, whether it is in the Cloud or on premise, we can run on a server with as low specs as a Raspberry Pie. If people are looking for guidance

  • For Cloud services and other environments where it is easy to upgrade specs, we suggest a 2 CPU, 8 G Ram (e.g. a Standard_B2ms on Azure)
  • For on premise decidate machines, 2 CPU, 8 G Ram will almost always be enough, but in an abundance of caution, you might want to consider 2 CPU, 16 G Ram
  • If possible always use a system that is set aside to only host SMART Connect.