Geodatabase Data Export

Hi All,

What would be the best way to export data for a ESRI geodatabase? Currently, I’m using Patrol Query (for tracks) and Patrol Observation Query (for observations). Both queries ran with no filter in order to export all data and columns. However, I would like to also export the images and have them associated/linked with the observations. How can I do this?

Or, does anyone else have a more straightforward workflow?


Hi Philip,

We currently can’t export images from queries with associated data. We’re looking into building in this functionality.

For now, as a potential workaround, you can currently create a Report, add a data set of type “SMART Query Attachments” and then drag that data set onto your report selecting the category type and “Attachments filename” column. Then that report should show you a list of attachment filesname that match whatever filters you create on the cateogory columns etc. You may also need to export that report as a DOC or ODT type file and then copy paste the table from the report if you want an XLS or CSV as your final result.



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