Grid query showing few information on a Report

Hello people, i have a problem. I am using SMART v7.5.6 and I have created a patrol grid query and it shows all patrols from January to June 2023 and am satisfied with it but when i link this query to the map on the report and try to run the report, the map only show few patrols for the month of January but all other months are Ok, there are few patrols for the month of January which doesn’t appear on the map and i don’t know what could be the cause of this, however, this happens when i change the date parameters because my report has two maps one map has to show grid patrol query from January to June 2022 and the other one has to show the grid patrol query from January to June 2023 and my aim is to compare patrol coverage this two bi-annual periods and for these maps to run concurrently and give out the results according to their respective periods i change the date parameters by editing their default date parameters but when i try to run the report some grids for January 2023 does not appear on the map. I have tried to delete the report and start a new report but the problem is still persists and i don’t know what to do. Can anyone assist me please.
After realising that am failing to solve this issue, i thought i should just export these patrols from SMART v7. 5.6 to SMART v6. 3 but if i try to import these patrols into the previous version of SMART database it gives an error saying “patrol xml file not found in this zip file” so my question is does it mean that it is not possible to import patrols which are from v7. 5.6 into v6. 3 database?

Hi @Wamz - some thoughts:

  • Are you saying that this report was working fine in v6.3 and isn't working now in v756? Can you clarify?
  • There's a video HERE< (note - from v6.3) about setting different date ranges in a report.
  • Yes, you're correct, you cannot import 756 patrols back into 6.3.

Hope this helps. Cheers.

Hello Mr Drew, thanks very much for your quick response. In fact i tried to go through the manual called (SMART Advanced Reporting Handbook) again on this topic

(Showing Data from Different Date Ranges)

After reading this description on how to edit date parameters i found the mistake i have been making because in date function i was writing 1 to represent a month of January instead of 0,so it’s my map was showing data from February since 1 represents the month of February as described below. .

[In the Date() function, months are actually numbered from 0-11, so Jan 1, 2012 is actually created by
the following: new Date(2012,0,1)]

Therefore, i have fixed it and my map is showing all the data i wanted now

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