I discovered how to change metric units in SMART Mobile 385 by chance, but now my question is how to change patrol language

Hi there,

I was first wondering how can I change the metric units. We are still using SMART Mobile 385, therefore we do not have the “Metric Units” option in the settings.

I first set the language in settings as “System”, and since my device is in Spanish, I got SMART in Spanish, as wanted. Then, I realized that on the map, units were miles and feet, and I wanted kilometers and meters. To solve this, and by chance, I changed the language settings to “Spanish”, and with this, the units changed to kilometers and meters. :sweat_smile:

However, the units are still in English. I am thinking that I could change this, in the settings label of the project, but I can not change that since I just have an English option for patrol language. So, how can I include Spanish in there?


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Hi Jackie,

Please check on SMART desktop you already to add Spanish in supported languages right?
And the data model is already in Spanish.

I think you should install SMART mobile on Play store instead SMART Mobile 385.apk

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Hi Jackie & Pouy,

Thank you, Pouy, for your response. This is very useful. I hope this helped you, Jackie.

Just a note, Jackie, if you do choose to use the version of Mobile available on the app store that you’ll need to be running SMART 7.



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So, the fallback language is different from the SMART Desktop language and I have to add a supported one. Quite interesting, thank you @Pouy :slight_smile: