Import .MDB from Cybertracker to SMART

Hi all,
We are interested in “uploading” an already working data collection system from Cybertracker to Smart to improve data synchronization. Is it possible to import the MDB file from Cybertracker into SMART? Or is it necessary to build the data model again in SMART?

We would also like to load historic data collected using Cybertracker in SMART format. Is it possible to do this after loading the MDB file or building the data model?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Ana,

Is the file currently linked to a specific SMART database / data model? If not, I’m not sure how SMART would ingest the data from CyberTracker.

Generally you need to create the SMART database / data model, then export this as a configured model to SMART Mobile (or CyberTracker).

I’m not aware of any mechanism to get around this to import external data like this.



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Hi Alex!


The file doesn’t have a data base/data model in SMART. We’ll build it again following the same structure as in Cybertracker data model.

Good week!