Importing previous patrols, not the current one

I am using SMART Desktop to import patrols directly from a mobile device onto PC, using Field data - SMART Mobile- Import - Import from device/file. When i am trying to import the latest patrol from one of the devices, it instead imports the previous patrol, not the latest, as i want. This issue started on one device out of three after SMART Mobile app stopped working on it (crashed) during one of the patrols. The patrol data was lost, but the application resumed working fine, if it wasn’t for this importing issue. I have already reinstalled SMART Mobile on this device trying to fix the issue, but this did not work. So now, to import the latest patrol, every time i have to record a fake one, so the one i need becomes the last but one and i can import it. It’s inconvinent at a long run and i was wondering if anyone might know what can be done. Thank you!!!

Hi Maxim,

Could you tell us which version of SMART desktop and SMART Mobile (see, settings) you are using?

Are you using SMART Mobile installed from the app store or from the website?



Hi Alex,
sorry for delay! I am using SMART Desktop Version 6.3.0 and SMART Mobile APK downloaded from the website on 19/07/2022. Hope this answered your question!
best wishes