Install SMART in MacOS Monterey

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Hello Folks! I am struggling to install SMART in MacOS Monterey version 12.2.1. I am getting this message (attached). Am I missing something? Replies are much appreciated.

Hi Abu, which version of SMART are you trying to install? After the Mac Catalina upgrade, any version of SMART, 6 or below, no longer works with Mac. This will be fixed with SMART 7 onwards.

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Thanks James. Having same message for both versions: 6 and 7.

Hi Abu,

Which version of SMART 7 are you using, please? (e.g. 7.0.0, 7.2.0, 7.4.0 etc.)

As James mentioned, you won’t be able to use SMART 6 on this OS. Once we confirm the SMART version we can see if that is the issue.



Hi Abu,
I didn’t see a resolution for this, so I wanted to follow up. Can you confirm which version of SMART 7 you are seeing this error with?

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Hi @Abu, @matt.hron

Was there a resolution to this issue?..also having the same error coming up when trying to run 7.5.2.


Hi @markzie

Can you please log this problem here - Loading... - Form by Asana

Please provide as much detail as possible to assist troubleshooting - SMART version, error logs, screenshots, etc.

Many thanks


Thanks Monica, have logged it as requested.

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Hi there! I have an exact same issue when trying to install SMART 6.3.0 on Mac Monterey OS. I was wondering if there was any update on this ?
If this bug is not solved yet, is there any other way to use SMART on Mac? Thanks!

Hi all,

Just an update on this thread. The problem above was related with not having the correct permissions.

If you installing SMART 7 in Mac, please make sure the SMART file is in the Applications folder, otherwise it may not have permission to create files and folders.

Also, make sure the user running it has administrator rights in Mac OS.

To answer the question above, SMART 6.3 will not run on Mac, you need to use SMART 7. SMART 7 will be available towards the end of the month. If you have an urgent need, please send me a direct message and I can share the test version with you.



HI Altynai

Another way to use SMART on a Mac is to use a Windows emulator program such as Parallels. Parallels works on the new Mac M1 and M2 machines so you can run the Windows version of SMART from that platform.