Is there any drawback of using cloud hosting instead of physical server?

Hello SMART Community,

The question above is one we often receive so we created a short document to discuss Cloud vs on-premise servers and compare pros and cons, see link here - SMART Connect server considerations_v1 - Google Docs



The experience to date is pretty conclusive: the hosted solution is cheaper (free), more secure (hosted in a Microsoft data center, subject to hundreds of daily security checks), and provides a far better experience (the small number of on-premise Connect deployments generate a disproportionate number of support request and some places unnecessary struggle to manage the server when they don’t need to).

Some organizations, for legal or other reasons, need to host on-premise and we will continue to support them and to work to make the on-premise experience as good as the hosted one - but for the foreseeable future, if you have the option, run SMART Connect on the partnership hosted cloud service.