Java.lang.NullPointerException on agencies and ranks list

Hello. Some people from my agency have been having the same problem while trying to load the Agencies and Ranks list.

I was guessing there was something wrong being done, so I asked them both to start over from the download (even though they had already started over many times before).
They did all the basic steps again, except this time they decompressed the file on the Documents folder (previously one of them was using the Downloads folder and the other the Desktop). And then it just worked.

So two of the three cases were solved this way, and I’m guessing it will be the same with the third one, but I still can’t understand why.

Thanks a lot! I hope you can shed some light on what’s going on or at least that this magic trick works for someone else.

This is the error message:


I am not sure this relates to the null pointer error, but it is a good idea not to use your Documents folder for the location of SMART. It is preferred to store directly in the C (or other) drive, since the way Windows handles the file paths with account-specific storage locations can sometimes cause problems.

Hello Juan,
If you can share the error log (available under the Help menu), that may provide some insight as to why you were receiving this error.


hi! Yes, I will ask for it, although the problem has been solved by breaking the queries into many smaller ones.