Kiosk Mode not working With SMART Mobile

Hello, community
Kiosk mode is failing to work after following the procedures in the SM Manual using the USB cable, it only prevents the SMART Mobile app not to be installed. Does the Kiosk mode still work? Here below are more details:
SMART Mobile version: SMK-build-427
SMART desktop Version: 7.5.3
Computer OS: Windows 10 Enterprise
Android version: 11
Phone model: Black View BV 8800


Hi Peter,

Can I check if you downloaded your SMART Mobile version from the store?

Kiosk mode is only available using the apk from the SMART website. Can you try build 430 using this link - SMK-build-430.apk - Google Drive



Thank you Monica for the quick response. We have tried with the SMK build 430 but SMART Mobile can not detect the Patrol package transferred to the Phone. I basically exported the patrol package, turned on kiosk mode, installed SMART Mobile 430 apk with Kiosk mode, enabled USB debugging, installed USB drivers, and finished. When I open SMART Mobile, it can’t scan to open a desktop project.

Is there a step that I’m missing?


Hi Peter,

The last thing to do is install the package from the desktop, i.e. do that after all other configuration.

I am not having any trouble on my end with kiosk mode setup on a couple of phones. Could you please connect the device to your PC and check to see if the \Android\data\\files\SMARTdata folder is visible?