Kiosk mode: while installing SMART Mobile on the device, and while exporting the project


  • SMART Desktop 6.3
  • SMART Mobile 1.0.434.
  • Galaxy Tab S2 as device


  1. I have installed SMART Mobile on the device without the kiosk mode

  2. When exploring SMART Mobile on the device, I tried to exit my project and I was asked for the pin anyway

  3. In the forum I realized I had to deselect the kiosk mode in the Cybertracker properties before exporting my project. SMARTMOBILE 1.0.427 don´t detect files - #20 by Alex_Wyatt And I did so.

  1. Then, I was not asked for the pin anymore. However, I did a patrol and when I tried to end it, the GPS failed and the app closed.

  2. I reselected the kiosk mode in the Cybertracker properties before exporting my project, and I ignored that the pin was asked again, but the patrol was successful.

Why could my patrol be successfully saved when having SMART Mobile installed without kiosk mode but with the project exported with the kiosk mode selected in the Cybertracker properties? While my patrol was not successful when both options were without the kiosk mode?

Thanks for reading and sharing your comments,

Hi Jackie,

Could you please send me a bug report from your device - see instructions here:
Troubleshooting | CyberTracker Wiki

Please send it to


Hi Justin,

I do not have the “share bug report” option.

But I have already sent you the problem to your email