Labels on maps in reports from 'Computed colums'

Our data model has few attributes with species lists. E.g. animals, plants, fungi,…, all are in different attributes. When querying data, species names are shown in separate columns of the query table, and this is fine. But, when adding such query results into a report, as a map layer, it is not possible to select a single column as a source for labels. For tables in reports, the problem is solved by a ‘Computed column’ and a simple expression. But for map labels, this doesn’t work. The virtual ‘Computed column’ is available in the list of columns that can be used for labels, but when such a report is run an error occurs saying ’ … Problem rendering: Could not find ‘Map_labels’ in the FeatureType (smart:null), available attributes are: [the_geom, fid, Source… '. It seems, that virtual ‘Computed colums’ do not work for map labeling. Is there any way to get this working?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Iurii,

Have you considered creating a single observation query for each species, linking these individual data sets to your report then adding them as separate map layers on the same map? Then you can select the specific label for each layer.



Add as individual layers and edit the “style” of each, adding the specific label of choice

Thanks Alex! Yes, we considered this option. It has one disadvantage because requires importing as many queries into a report, as there are attributes/layers (a separate table for each map layer).


The reason this can’t be done is that smart gets the lables for a map from predefined fields. The cmpoted column is only generated when the report is run, so those values aren’t available to the map tonise as labels. This is the same reason that the map legend can’t dynamically adjust to hide layers for which there are no observations unfortunately.