Looking for Interview Partners for a University Research at Aarhus University

Hello dear SMART Community

please excuse the liberty I take by posting this new topic.

I am a Master’s student at Aarhus University at the faculty of Visual Anthropology and am currently research on digital technologies and Nature conservation/restoration efforts. Specifically, I am interested how current ecologies have been affected by and to some extent might have even enabled by digital technologies in the first place.

Across several institutions I came across the SMART technology and would be very keen to find people who are actively using the Technology in their work, their research or as part of an organisation.

The insights in how this software is being used, where it can be applied, what problems might arise and especially what potential it bears would be immensely interesting to my research.

If there were some people here in the forum, who would be willing to have a conversation about SMART with me – tell me about their stories and answer some of my questions – it would be highly appreciated.

(Please feel free to also just ask some questions for clarification or let me know, if I should post my inquiry otherwise.)

Thank you for your time!