Map appearing after query was too zoomed out

Dear all,

I got a problem about the map are too zoomed out (into a very small tiny little in the left part of the window) after I queried and show the result in map just only in the patrol query type. If anyone has some suggestion or got this trouble before please enlighten me.


@panach When you run your query, the map is very zoomed out, with your basemap only in a small corner/area? If that’s the case - then you likely have some bad or missing GPS points. I’d suggest reviewing the data in the query to see which data are outside of your CA’s basemap and addressing those issues. You can use the QA module for this. Instructions for its use can be found here: SMART QA Module Manual.pdf - Google Drive

@drew.cronin Thank you very much for your suggestion and advice, I’ve reading your QA Module manual and also review the data for many times but there aren’t any missing point. May I attached the picture of the map after I query and open the map result. As you can see the map appears at the right part of the corner. For a more information I’ve query in the patrol query type so waypoint doesn’t show.

This problem happen in many conservation area in my CCAA smart program.

Something is causing that to zoom that far out - most likely some aspect of your query results. That’s the primary cause of that behavior. I would double check you basemap - you can right click and click zoom to layer to see which layer is causing the zoom issue. If it’s the patrol track, dig into all the track points and observations and you’re bound to find the culprit.