Map extents in queries

If I run an observation query that returns no results (e.g. “urgent alerts” in last 30 days) the mapped extent for that query does not default to the extent of the CA, but zooms out to include the (0,0) lat lon. This might be harmless for a single empty query, but if I include that query in a compound query, even if the other queries in the compound query are not empty, the map still defaults to this ultra wide area. Which is kind of annoying! Any idea if this can be controlled? Desktop 7.5.6
Thank you

Good morning Jeremy

Currently yes this is the case in the Query window and unfortunately there’s not a way at the moment for this to change. However if there results are being pulled through into a report template, you can set the map extents there to a specific layer (such as CA boundary) that way the 0:0 issue doesn’t pull through to a populated report… let us know if this helps solve your problem?