Migrate server to SMART Connect

Hi SMART team

I’m Dean and working for Sabah Environmental Trust (SET). I had included our project site (DaMaI Rainforest Landscape, Sabah Malaysia) information and location in your website.

For your information, I am looking at migrating our server to SMART’s server as soon possible. I emailed on this to ‘info@smartconservationtools.org’ but haven’t received any reply. Hope someone can help me on this. Thanks you in advance.

Hi Dean,
Do you need advice on how to setup a Smart Connect server or do you want to upgrade an existing one?

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Hi Oliver, thanks for the reply. Yes I need advice on how to connect our SMART 7 (the latest version) to your server.

Best, Dean

Hi Dean,

We received your request and we are working to create your server. I will be back in touch shortly with details.




Hi Monica

Thanks for letting me know. Let’s carry this conversation in email. Cheers!

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