Need of training files of SMART 6.3.0

Hi all,
Can someone provide me SMART 6 Technical Training Manual Support Materials (April 2019), meaning the training files of SMART 6.3.0 ?
I don’t have the higher version of SMART and I needed to set the working environment of the Ecological Records plug-in.

Hi FDA, Would you like to first upgrade to SMART 7, then you can take advantage of the new SMART ER plugin which is now renamed SMART Survey. There is a new training manual that covers SMART survey and how to use it. Cheers Tony

Hi Tony,
of course, I would like to upgrade to Smart7 but I don’t know how to do it. I have requested for Smart 7 by fulfilling the form since days ago without feedback.

Hi there,

You can download the SMART 6.3 training files here - SMART 6.2.3 Support - Google Drive

We have received your request to download SMART 7 and we are very close to a public release. I will send out an email and post in the Forum once it is public.



Hi Monica,
Well received with thanks!


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