Nest two numerical attributes to one list attribute

We need to nest one attribute (number) and another attribute (percentage) to one list attribute. In SMART 6.3. we were able to do that with multiple selection. After you fill the list attribute it would ask the value for the next attributes. However, in SMART 7, I can only add one number attribute to the list attribute, but not two values.

@Manu Could you maybe share some screenshots to better detail what you’re explaining?

@Manu , if you mean on SMART mobile attribute, you can use feature Enable: Custom on configurable model adn fill the expression.

Hi @drew.cronin @LiliSadikin,

We had a look to this problem with Manu and it works ok for SMART Mobile 430 but not for SMART Mobile 448 (and desktop simulator). 448 asks different attributes and not the ones we need according to the order.

Please see attached a screen shot of how it looks for 430 vs 448.

Thank you

Hi all,
This issue is fixed in SMART Mobile build 453, which is available through the app store. The latest SMART Mobile version isn’t yet available on the SMART website, as there is an issue related to routes that we are waiting on a fix for before we make it available.