Numeric multi-select option

Does anybody know how to restrict the amount of attributes under the multi-select option? I have put one list-attribute on multiple observations and the following numeric attribute on multiple select, so I can collect numbers for multiple records. However, automatically the remaining attributes in my list are also added under the multiple select option. How can I end this option and continue with “normal” attributes afterwards?
Or do you need to put all of your multiple-select attributes in a seperate category?

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Hello Elke,
There are two different multi-select concepts for attributes in SMART.

  1. Multi List attributes are similar to List type attributes, but they allow the user to select multiple values. If you use a multi-list attribute, it only allows multiple selections for that attribute and doesn’t impact any attributes that come after it in data collection.

  2. In the Configurable Model, you can define an attribute as allowing ‘Multiple Observations’, where each observation you enter for that attribute is a record that has the properties including all of the attributes that come after it in data collection.

If you just want a single field to be multi-select rather than collecting multiple records with attributes for each one, you can use the multi-list attribute type. If that won’t meet your needs, you can simply reorder the attributes in your configurable model so all of the attributes you just want to collect once per observation come before the attribute that allows multiple observations.

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Hi Matt,
Many thanks for the reply!
I have tested the two different concepts.
In my question I was refering to the second concept you mentioned.
Is there a way to limit the following attributes from being included in the record?
To be more specific. In my list of attributes I have two attributes which I would like to make multi-list with the following attribute multi-select (so concept 2).
However, I haven’t been able to program this as all the following attributes in my model are included in the multiple-select setting of the first one.

Moving to the end of the configurable model is indeed an option but only if you have just one attribute that you would like to make multi-select.
Is there an other way to have more multi-select attributes in your model? I have tried to make categories and put the multi-select attributes into seperate categories/groups. But the downsite is that when filling out the model in SMART mobile, after each category I am sent back to the start of the observation instead of continiuing with my list of attributes. This makes the model prone to mistakes as one needs to remember which part of the model is filled out and which attributes still remain.

I have attached a screenshot if that makes things clearer. So I would like to make Scavenger species + nr per species multi-list and I would like to make Temporal scavengers presence + time of presence also multi-list. They are all in the same category. After these attributes I would like to add “normal” attributes like sighting notes.
Hope there is a way to solve this.

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Hi Elke,
I recommend reviewing the configuration options in the SMART Mobile user manual starting on page 42, as there are a variety of different ways to approach this:

You might want to use the Numeric Multi-select for streamlining the entry of numeric attributes paired with lists. However, there isn’t a way that I’m aware of to have multiple separate selections of multiple observations within the same observation, as there would be ambiguity regarding how the separate lists of records related to each other.

Given this data model configuration, I think you would have to enable multiple observations for the ‘scavenger temporal presence’ attribute and enter a separate observation for each scavenger species.

Note that SMART 7 introduced a new ‘Enter Once’ property for attributes, so you can define that certain attributes that are part of multiple observations only need to be collected once, either at the beginning or end of the incident. You can use this option instead of reordering the attributes you only want to collect once.

Thank you for your help Matt.

Yes, I have tried the multiple observations option as well, with the ‘enter once’. This is a nice functionality indeed. The downside is that as soon as you choose for multiple observations, you can not use a multi-select anymore in your category. Would be ideal to have both of those options per category.

I will continue testing a bit to see what works best.

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