Observation query with data model keys instead of names


I want the output of an observation query to have the data model keys in the column names. Any ideas?



Hi Diego,
If you are putting this information in a report, you can rename the column headers however you like, so it would be fine to change those to the keys.

If you want this in the direct output within the Query module, I don’t think there’s any way to change the way the column headers are displayed. Can you provide more background on what you are trying to do by displaying the data model keys? Perhaps we can find another way to do it.

Hi matt,

thanks. The second option was my goal. I am using the output in R so I was able to take the keys and names from the configurable model and change the headers. GitHub - dmontecino/SMARTeR: A set of functions to load query data from SMART Connect to the R environment. . I need to update the readme but one of the functions there can find the keys and names of each category and attribute.