Patrol and research data collection

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I have settled up my conservation area, data model and configurable model. Is it compulsory to create a patrol before being able to collect field data for research work? My question rise up because I’m using Smart for only research purposes to collect behavioural and ecological data. Then, I have unsuccessfully tried several times to connect my configurable database to smart collect. I wondered if this is because I didn’t set-up any patrol before moving forward.
Thanks for any insights!


You can find all information regarding the requirements for setting up a conservation area fully in the Technical Training Manual.

This manual also covers methods of data collection, whether via patrols, independent incidents or ecological surveys (more information on the latter can be found in the “SMART Survey” manual available in the same location.

It sounds like you may be better suited using Independent Incidents (see Module 9 of the Technical Training Manual) or Survey (see Module 10).



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I will use these materials as advised for further practical skills.