Patrol leg information not match with data

Dear SMARTer

I think there is a bug on patrol data.

This screen capture is all patrol leg, there is 2 leg (walk/jalan kaki, and boat/Perahu)

but when I see the data, leg information sown different information

Look at the top of leg information Type and mandate.

When I try to run summary query by day, only the first day (transport type: walk/jalan kaki) can show the distance. The another day (transport type: Boat/Perahu) cannot show the distance.

When I remove Day from query formula, all of patrol transport distance is right.

Please inform is this a bug or there is a problem with my patrol.


Lili Sadikin

I’m guessing this fixed itself by waiting a few days? :slight_smile:

You needed to use “custom dates” instead of “all dates”. July 2 was in the future when you ran this summary . “All dates” is actually “all dates up until now” so future data doesn’t always show up and can be confusing. The whole patrol’s worth shows up in the query without the “day” group by, but by including that per-day grouping, then it stops on the current day, which I think was probably july 1, before the perahu data on july 2.