Patrol Package Metadata - Pilot parameter not disabling

Hi folks,

Im struggling to get the Pilot parameter option disabled on the Patrol Package metadata tab. It never appeared on previous SMART versions since we don’t have an ‘Air’ transport type option enabled. I have ensured that the ‘Air’ transport type option in Patrol Configurations is disabled, but it still appears on the package as a mandatory field.

Hi @Jmuntif - is it just that it’s appearing in the Mobile configuration window (like in your screenshot)? Or is it also showing on the mobile devices? “Patrol Pilot” is a required attribute for Patrol Transport Types where someone would likely be piloting the vessel - water and air.

If the Patrol Transport Type attribute is set to Water or Air, then a Patrol Pilot attribute will become visible. The pilot must be a member of the selected employees.

Based on your screenshot - it looks like it’s behaving as expected, but you shouldn’t see Pilot on the mobile device.

FYI - we came to resolution on this. Essentially, “Pilot” was appearing as a required metadata attribute in the device by default. However, as soon as a patrol transport type was selected the “Pilot” attribute disappeared. This is more or less expected behavior - in that the Pilot attribute is dependent on the selection of transport (and Patrol) type.

That said - it is not intuitive for it to be on the screen if there are no air/water patrol types in your conservation area. I’ll create a ticket for this for further deliberation with the developers.