Problem on observation deleted but show in query


SMART 6.3.0

I encountered a query problem recently, the patrol was deleted but the observation in it is showing when I did the query. I tried to close and re-open SMART and restart computer, but the observation still appear in query. If I right click and choose “Go to source”, a box will pop up saying no waypoint found.

This happened again when I done key-in observation but found out the legs were separate wrongly, so I edited the legs and 1 day observation was gone, so I redo the key-in. When I did the query, the observations appeared as duplicate, the observation I key-in previously and the observations I re-key-in both showing in the query result.

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Hello Wee,
I have not seen this behavior before, but I’ll see what I can find out. Could you provide a screenshot of the query configuration and the resulting observation that should have been deleted?

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