Problem on SMART Mobile Kiosk Mode

My name is Muluken Abayneh working for FZS_Bale Mountains Conservation Project in Ethiopa, East Africa.
We are using Black View BV9900pro phones for SMART mobile data collection and we have been trying to make a kiosk mode to protect from loosing data and locking up the phone only for SMART application and some important applications futures for law enforcement like camera,voice recorder and map but when we try to upload the SMART Application and configurable data model to the phone in Kiosk mode it will not function correctly instead the hole phone system stack.
we have tried both SMK 320 and SMK 385 versions.
Is there any whys to solve the problem?

Hello Muluken,
Can you clarify what happens when you try installing SMART Mobile and loading the configurable model on the device? Is there a specific error you encounter? When using kiosk mode, you will need to have kiosk mode and the exit pin configured in your configurable model. When installing SMART Mobile to the device, you will then need to make sure to select ‘Configure SMART Mobile as a kiosk’ and follow the instructions starting on page 20 of the Field Data Collection Guide - SMART-Mobile-Data-Collection_2.2-3.pdf - Google Drive

Note that if there other applications that people will need to be able to use on the device, then kiosk mode may not be the best option.