R plugin assistance

Hi everyone, can someone share a working test R script for SMART plugin. I have plenty of R experience, but the documentation for using the plugin has no actual worked examples, so in effect it doesn’t help users at all.

To elaborate, yes I have read the “R Plugin Overview” document, and that is the document I am referring to. In order to use data in R, you need to be able to read it in, but the only guidance document available doesn’t even cover that basic first step.

I read through the former Google Group community forum as well, where another user asked an identical question and one person responded with “did you read the guidance document” (which obviously doesn’t help anyone), and then after the user further explained the issue and that the guidance doesn’t help, they responded with a non-answer that “the R plugin is only meant for simple analyses”. Which simply avoids answering the simple question “how do I read in data from the SMART plugin”.

I had asked the same to 2 or 3 people. I am starting to believe nobody knows… it would be interesting to develop a SMART package that reads the data. Potentially a package that reads json files is a start.

So far it doesn’t seem like there is any contact individual for the R plugin, I am trying to work with the Technology Council to fix that at the moment.

There are several R packages that can access and read JSON, that might be an intermediate solution. The only issue is that you would need to bypass the login, and I have tried that already with both rvest and selenium and neither work with SMART.