Reminder to end Patrol

It happen often to users of whom I have the overview and to myself that we forget to end patrol when returning back to the patrol start point. Therefore SMART Mobile keeps recording waypoints. The user discovers that the patrol was recorded only when next time trying to start new patrol. So, forgetting to end patrol when it really ended, creates a lot of meaningless waypoint, which may even bias some data analysis which includes the time spent (not so much the distance) while patrolling. I know it is on users to think enough and end patrol when they are done, but we are humans and make mistakes. How about warning a user if he/she wants to end patrol if say the app “realizes” the user came back at the start point, and is not moving from it for a while, say one hour?

Hi Josip,

This would be a useful new feature i.e. a push notification to remind users to end (or pause) patrols.

Noted for review.

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This has come up in a few sites. We need to build a set of criteria which would trigger the notification and maybe even automatically end the patrol. Sometimes not moving is not a good heuristic.