Reprocess data queue items

Trying to figure out an issue and can’t recall the answer (or if I’m overlooking something). A site we support processed data queue items from 24 Jan, but then shortly after, they did something to get their database out of sync with Connect.

They replaced the local CA with the databased from Connect, but since they couldn’t sync after processing the data, the patrols from the 24th are not in the database. I’ve tried to reprocess the items in the data queue but am getting the warning, “Could not process any of the data. Item has been requeued on server.”

Any ideas how to recuperate those patrols from the 24th?


Hey Drew,
If they didn’t successfully sync their changes back up to Connect after locally processing the data queue items from 24 Jan, it means that data were only on their local desktop and not yet in the Connect database. So, when they replaced the local CA from Connect, it wiped out those local changes. It may have been better to replace the Connect CA with the local desktop, since that’s where the most recent changes were.

Regardless, if you still have the completed data queue items from 24 Jan available in your Data Processing Queue it should be recoverable. Depending on what changes were made since the CA was refreshed from Connect, this may or may not be successful. At the very least, you could download and review those files from Connect and potentially reconcile the data to be able to process them successfully, though it may be a difficult process. It will likely require looking at the individual files to determine why they can’t be processed. Most likely, it’s due to multiple overlapping patrols from the same device on that date.