Request to SMART Mobile developers regarding not required numeric attributes

Dear all,

I hope it is possible to make a small request to the SM developers via this forum.

When configuring a data-model, attributes can be set to be “required”. When an attribute is set to be required, it becomes compulsory to set a value for this attribute when recording an observation (if no value is set, the attribute is highlighted in red colour on the phone screen, and the observation cannot be saved until a value is set). However, with some SM APK versions (e.g. 385) numeric attributes with a minimum value of 1 become compulsory even when “required” is not selected in the data-model. In order to skip the attribute without setting a value, the minimum value in the model has to be set to zero (0). This is annoying. If I set an attribute to be not “required” then this should be leading (in other words; selecting a value for this attribute should not be compulsory, even if the minimum value is set to 1).

I have communicated this small problem before, and as a result it was corrected in the next version (320) of SM, but now it has returned in version 385. I hope it is possible to solve this issue permanently in future versions of SM.

Best wishes,

Michiel Hötte
Wildlife Conservation Society

Hi Michiel,
I have reached out to the SM developer to get confirmation on this, and hopefully we can get a permanent solution in place.

Hi Michiel,
This problem is specific to the 385 build, and it is fixed in the SMART Mobile builds beyond that. Once you are able to upgrade to SMART 7 and use the latest build of SMART Mobile, the issue will be fixed.


Thanks for the information!