Requesting to add a multiple choice screen in a data model

Hello SMART community, we had challenge creating a data model when we want to have a multiple choice screen in the attribute , there is no option of having it as we can only choose list, Boolean, numeric, tree, and text. No existing screens in the smart that allow us to create a multiple selection screen, so that data collectors could have option to choose many entries one one screen as it is when you are choosing staffs who did a patrol. Could in the new version of Smart a multiple choice screen. Thank you


Hello Samedi,
In SMART 6, you can specify the properties of attributes to be multi-select in the configurable model:
This will allow you to enter multiple values for an attribute, but note that there is a limitation of having one multi-select attribute per observation in the current functionality.

A multi-select attribute type will be coming in SMART 7:
Multi-select attributes - New in SMART 7 is the new attribute type of Multi-Select lists. Multi-Select lists allow the user to select more than one option from the defined list. A typical list is displayed as a dropdown list that allows for a single selection. A multi-select list appears as a series of checkboxes which allows for the selection of one or more attribute values. These options can be queried and viewed in reports.


Thank you very much Matt for your quick response, I am looking forward to SMART 7 where I can have muli-select attributes. I would also want if possible to have a screen which could allow me to select a list but type a number at the same time (in our area we have been using Cybertracker so to better shift in SMART we kind need the similar screens type as we used to have in cybertracker so that we can be able to import the old data from cybertracker to smart database). We hope also that SMART 7 will allow us to link screens as we want ( for example choosing which will be the next screens or target screens). Thank you very much for helping us to collect and manage electronic data.

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Hi SMART community, I have a question on queries, when I make a patrol observation queries the table it produce did not bring the fields where i had the multiple select observations! for example the list of employees who participated in a patrol does not show in the table! only the filed of the leader of the patrol comes in the table! please help me to know how I can bring those fields in the table. Thank you
Kind regards

Hi Samedi,

When you do a patrol observation query it gives you the metadata associated with the patrol and the observations. It does not show the list of all employees captured except the leader.
However for a multiple select observation on attribute values within your datamodel you should be able to see the attribute field in your query results table. Other that employees, do you have other attributes where you had multiple select observations and are the fields also not showing in your query results table?