Skipping Waypoint IDs

Hello SMART community,

I would like to share this instance in SMART Desktop about skipping waypoint IDs (please see attached screenshot). Does anyone have an idea? Is it a result of technical glitch or device mishandling? Will it result to data loss?


Hi JC,

Sorry for the delay in responding to your question.

In short, no, this is nothing to be worried about. As long as SMART is providing a unique ID for each waypoint, the number itself is somewhat irrelevant and can skip a few numbers due to SMART allocating to what it sees as the next available ID number (which may be due to the device wanting to allocate position waypoints but them not actually existing on import).

Out of interest, could you share what version of SMART (and SMART Mobile, if you’re using this) you are working with, please?



Thank you Alex! This is a great help for understanding the issue. I’ll also share this with my colleagues, users, and adopters of SMART.

Currently, I’m using SMART Desktop (build 6.3) and SMART Mobile (build 375).